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If you are looking for a particular machine please ask as machines have been coming in -
however I have been selling them before I can list them on this website.

If you are looking for a fair deal to BUY an antique slot machine, you have come to the right place.
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Do you have an old slot machine you'd like to SELL? If you are serious about selling please e-mail us or call 734.475.9730 with a description of your pre-1950's machine. Since you found our website it means you've done your homework. We are interested in your single slot machine or an entire collection. How can you tell if your machine is pre-1951? Slots made before 1951 did not have lighted or plastic fronts, except for the Jennings Sun Chief models. They were metal and wood, not electronic. Most of the slot machines from the 1890's to 1940's were made by only a few manufacturers: Jennings, Mills, Pace, Watling, Caille and Superior.

When you call or e-mail please provide the following information:
  • Manufacturer of your machine?
  • Is it in working condition?
  • What coin does it take? (nickel, dime, etc.)
  • Are there any broken or missing parts?
We make it easy for you to ship your machine to us. We will send you a shipping drum with all of the packaging, you simply pack it and we'll have it picked up. It's as simple as that.
for more information about us.

Bill was featured in television's DESTINATION MICHIGAN with Bob Garner on WCMU Public Television with his antique slot machines in 2011. Later the TV crew came back to film a segment on the Waterloo Croquet Club, which aired in June 2012. You can watch it online here: Click to watch "Destination Michigan!" Bill also appeared with his slot machines on a "Hardcore Pawn" TV episode in 2010. "Around Town with Linda", produced by Chris and Linda Meloche of Chelsea, did a show on Bill and his work as well. Archived DVDs may be borrowed from Chelsea's McKune Library.

Thanks for stopping -
below is our current slot machine inventory.
Current price list available via email:


Machines just in, pictures available by email

1921 Caille 25¢ Victory Bell
1935 Mills 10¢ Chevron QT
1928 Caille 25¢ Superior Jackpot Bell
1937 Mills 10¢ Horse Head BONUS
1941 Mills 1¢ Sweetheart Glitter QT

1937 Mills Horse Head BONUS

1937 Mills Horse Head BONUS

Rough original 5 cent machine shipped to us for restoration
Additional pictures on request.

Horse Head BONUS

1937 Mills Horse Head BONUS

Finished for Christmas for client
Additional pictures on request.

SEGA 777 HiTop 1960 777 SEGA HiTop
*****SOLD 3/25/17*****

Mad Money Continential

1962 SEGA Mad Money Continential
Just in on consignment is this original 10 cent SEGA. All original, very smooth working, jackpot, reserve and mad money payouts work as they should.
Additional pictures on request.
NO SHIPPING, pick up only.

Pace Chrome Deluxe Comet

1947 Pace Deluxe Comet
*****SOLD 6/4/17*****
Nice original 25 cent machine. Red trim repainted, new strips, original back door, lock and key. Mechanism has been serviced.

Mills Chevron QT

1934 Mills Chevron QT
*****SOLD 5/24/17*****

Watling Blue Seal Confections

1927 Watling Blue Seal Confections
Very nice refreshed original 5 cent vender front machine with deferred pay, original back door, cash box, extremely nice original tin fortune reel strips.
Additional pictures upon request.

Watling Blue Seal Confections 1927 Watling Blue Seal
Confections Vendor
Here is a scarce machine especially in this great original condition. This machine has original tin reel strips, original paint, Watling back door and lock, original cash box and future pay feature and the mint vendor is complete and working. The mechanism has been serviced, cleaned and lubed. Plus it is a 25 cent machine to boot. Most of these old vendor front models were converted to jackpot machines once the various manufacturers came out with jackpot fronts so this is a true survivor.
More detailed photos on request.

Mills Operators Bell1926 Mills Owl Operators Bell
Nice original 25 cent machine. Original finish on castings, tin reel strips, cash box, faux wood finished door, awards card, replacement lock and key.
Additional pictures on request.

Buckley Rolatop

1940's Watling/Buckley Revamp
Nice original 5 cent machine. This is not a common machine. It started out as an early American Coin Front Vender w/gold award machine and in the late 1940's Buckley Mfg. was buying up out of date machines and did an overhaul to these machines giving them fresh paint and removing candy vendors and such making them strictly gambling devices. This machine works well and retains both its original Watling red tag and it's Buckley Mfg. tag.
Additional pictures on request.

Mills QT

1947 Mills Blue and Gold QT

*****SOLD 3/8/17*****

Mills English Penny Operators Bell

1920's Mills Operators Bell
This is an English Penny machine and will play with US half dollars. Machine was refinished by the late Bill Daugherty over 10 years ago. Numbered reel strips and awards card. Additional pictures on request.

Mills Siver Falls

1946 Mills Silver Falls
*****SOLD 3/18/17*****

FOK Jackpot1931 Mills FOK Jackpot Vendor
Nice old machine with working jackpot and two column vendor. Original tin fortune reel strips, cash box, back door, Yale lock with replacement key. Plays great, mechanism lubed and tuned.
Additional pictures upon request.

Mills COK in crate1923 Mills "OWL" Operators Bell
This 5 cent machine is one I purchased from a man who bought it in 1964 with his paper route money. It is all original with both original Mills YALE locks and keys, cash box, tin reel strips and it plays like it just left the factory and it came with an original Mills Crate with two Mills labels, what a find!
Additional photos upon request.

Silver Moon Club

1941 Jennings Silver Moon Club
Nice 5 cent original machine, original locks and keys.All matching serial numbers. This is the 2nd machine I ever purchased back in 1994 and was actually the first machine my wife let me bring home as it has the moon and stars. It's a real workhorse of a machine and everything works as it should.
Additional photos upon request.

Buckley Criss Cross1950 Buckley Criss Cross

***** SOLD 10/8/16 *****

Mills Roman Head1932 Mills Silent Golden
***** SOLD 3/10/16 *****

Mills Token Bell HiTop1949 Mills Token Bell HiTop
***** SOLD 12/13/16 *****

Mills Black Beauty

1949 Mills Black Beauty HiTop
*****SOLD 1/19/17*****

Castle Front

1936 Mills Castle Front
***** SOLD 12/12/16 *****

Watling Treasury

1935 Watling Treasury
***** SOLD 10/18/16 ****

Columbia Club Deluxe 1946 Columbia Club Deluxe
*****SOLD 3/6/17*****

Duchess 1933 Jennings Duchess
Nice original 5 cent machine, cleaned, lubed and tuned. Original fortune strips, door, cash box, plays well and dispenses rolled mints. Additional pictures on request.

* Open Fronts NO SHIPPING, PICK UP ONLY Pair of 1961 Mills Open Fronts
***** SOLD *****

Daval Tri-O-Pack

1936 Daval Tri-O-Pack
Nicely restored penny trade stimulator. This is not a real common machine and most have the ball gum parts missing. This machine was recently restored. It looks fabulous and works just as it should!
Additional photos upon request.


1928 Mills Operators Bell
***** SOLD 4/28/16 *****

Mills Little Perfection 1901-1926 Mills Little Perfection
***** SOLD 5/21/16 *****

Pace Cherry Comet 1939 Pace Cherry Comet
***** SOLD 10/1/16 *****

Mills Roman Head1932 Mills Silent Golden
AKA Roman Head
***** SOLD 1/23/16 *****

Caille Victory Bell

1921 Caille Victory Bell
***** SOLD 4/28/16 ******

Caille Superior Vender

1927 Caille Superior Vendor
***** SOLD 3/26/16 *****

Watermelon HiTop 1948 Mills Watermelon HiTop
***** SOLD 3/5/16 *****

Mills Black Beauty

1949 Mills Black Beauty
***** SOLD 7/7/16 *****

Jewel HiTop 1947 Mills Jewel HiTop
Before restoration.

Jewel HiTop1947 Mills Jewel HiTop
After restoration.
***** SOLD 12/15/15 *****

Fitzgeralds Club

1962 Jennings/Baldecchi Fitzgeralds Club
*****SOLD 11/25/15*****

Midas Millions

1966 Ainsworth Consolidated/Aristocrat
***** SOLD *****

Watling Rolatop

1936 American Coin Front
Watling Rolatop
***** SOLD *****

Pace Bantam 1930 Pace Bantam Everfull
***** SOLD *****

Mills Glitter QT

1941 Mills Glitter Sweetheart QT
***** SOLD *****

Bally Reliance

1938 Bally Reliance
***** SOLD *****

Sky Chief 1938 Jennings Sky Chief
***** SOLD 12/13/14 *****

Mills War Eagle

1930's Mills War Eagle
***** SOLD *****

Mills War Eagle 1935 Mills War Eagle
***** SOLD 12/9/14 *****

Mills Chrome hitop 1958 Mills Bell-O-Matic Chrome 777 Hitop
***** SOLD 11/25/14 *****
Mills Lion Head 1931 Mills Lion Head
***** SOLD *****

BONUS HiTop 1948 Mills BONUS Hitop
***** SOLD 1/15/15 *****

Mills Operator Bell 1924 Mills "OWL" Operators Bell
***** SOLD 11/16/15 *****

Watling Twin Jackpot Vendor 1931 Watling Twin Jackpot Vendor
***** SOLD 11/5/14 *****

Mills Bursting Cherry
1937 Mills Brown Front
AKA Bursting Cherry
***** SOLD *****

Jennings Dutch boy Operators Bell
1926 Jennings Operators Bell
AKA Dutch Boy
This is the first of the Dutch Boy machines prior to the more common Dutch Boy Jackpot. This particular machine was brought back from Germany where it survived years of play since WWII. It was converted to 10 pfennig coins and comes with a roll of fifty 10 pfennig coins. It does play and pay on nickels. At the time of the conversion the bent coin release coin head was added, numbered reel strips and awards card as well as the German Tax stamp. This machine is not perfect but does play well and is a piece of history. It has a crack in the front door and has a wood replaced cash box door.
Additional photos upon request.

Mills Black Cherry
1946 Mills Black Cherry
***** SOLD 8/21/14 *****

1935 Mills Blue Front AKA Castle Front
1935 Mills Blue Front
AKA Castle Front
***** SOLD 8/9/14 *****

Jennings Little Duke
1932 Jennings Little Duke
***** SOLD 7/10/14 *****

1938 Watling Diamond Bell Console
1938 Watling Diamond Bell Console
***** SOLD 7/10/14 *****

Glitter Diamond Front
Glitter Diamond Front
***** SOLD 6/7/14 *****

Jennings Century
1933 Jennings Century Vendor
***** SOLD 4/29/14*****

Mercury Strength Testor
Mercury Strength Testor
*****SOLD 6/7/14 *****

1931 Mills/Rockola Jackpot
1931 Mills/Rockola Jackpot
***** SOLD 4/10/14 *****

Mills Vest pocket
1938 Mills Vest pocket
***** SOLD 4/9/14 *****

Pace penny Bantam
1933 Pace Bantam Reserve
***** SOLD 5/12/14 *****

Standard Chief
1946 Jennings Standard Chief
***** SOLD 3/14/14 *****

Mills Sweetheart QT
1941 Mills Glitter
Sweetheart QT
***** SOLD 3/11/14 *****

Mill Jewel Hitop
25 cent Mills Jewel Hitop
***** SOLD 1/22/14 *****

Jennings Buckaroo Console
1955 Jennings Buckaroo Console
***** SOLD 1/29/14 *****

1948 Mills Hitop
1948 Mills Hitop
***** SOLD 12/28/13 *****

nice original vendor front
1933 Mills Extraordinary Vendor
***** SOLD 1/9/14 *****

Mills Chevron QT
1936 Mills Chevron QT
**** SOLD 9/6/13 ****

Caille Sphinx
1932 Caille Sphinx
**** SOLD 6/25/13 *****

Jenning Silver Dollar Prospector
1948 Jennings Silver Dollar Prospector
**** SOLD 8/28/13 ****

Pace Jackpot
1928 Pace Bantam Jackpot
**** SOLD 9/1/13 ****

NCR 250
National Cash Register #250
***** SOLD 12/6/13 *****

National Cash Register #218
***** SOLD 12/6/13 *****

Mills Deuce Wild HiTop
1948 Mills Deuce Wild Hitop
***** SOLD 7/22/13 *****

Jennings Sportsman
1935 Jennings Sportsman
***** SOLD 7/25/13 *****

Mills Extraordinary Bell
1933 Mills Extraordinary Bell
**** SOLD ****
We just finished this beauty for a client.

Mills/Rockola Jackpot

1933 Mills Extraordinary Bell
*** SOLD ****
A view of the mech.

1939 Mills Diamond Front
1939 Mills Diamond Front
**** SOLD 5/4/13 ****

Cherry Front Rolatop
1938 Watling Cherry Rolatop
**** SOLD 6/7/13 *****

Mills Operators Bell

1921 Mills Operators Bell "OWL"
**** SOLD 4/11/13 ****

Pace Comet
1936 Pace All Star Comet
***** SOLD 5/9/13 *****

Mills COK Vendor
1920 Mills Automatic Salesman Side Vendor
**** SOLD 3/7/13 ****

Jennings Little Duke
1933 Jennings Little Duke Vendor
**** SOLD 3/7/13 ****

Jennings Buckaroo
1955 Jennings Buckaroo
**** SOLD 1/18/13 ****

NCR 130 on NCR base NCR 130 register
****SOLD 2/9/13****

** Custom Stained Glass **

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts panel


Contemporary panel with bevels dichroic glass
12" x 12"

Deco Swirl

Victorian panel with 1898 Deco Swirl glass tile
12" x 12"

Rainbow Dichroic

Contemporary panel with bevels dichroic glass
12" x 12"


2003 Welsh Cardigan Corgi
Big Wrig (Wrigley)
Right here is my best friend, he comes to work with me every day!


CUSTOM stained glass of your best friend available now!
This is a hand painted and kiln fired face of Wrigley built into a very nice 10" x 10" panel. If you wish to have your pet painted for posterity please email or call for details.

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**Great Project Machines**

Below you'll see some fresh finds.
These are great project machines and some parts!

Jennings Victory Chief

1941 Jennings Victory Chief
Just in on consignment is yet anonther nice original WWII machine. This is a 10 cent version or the Victory Chief. This machine too has all 3 matching serial numbers, original ODJ Yale lock and its two original keys, original cash box, reel strips and back door. This machine unlike the 5 cent just in has a wood bottom "casting" but has a metal upper casting and bonnet. It is difficult to find two identical Victory Chief machines as they were all piece together from what ever was left over. Don't miss your oppertunity to own a piece of our great American history. Both machines work and are available as they sit or we can degrease, clean, lube and tune the mechansims for you at an additional cost.
More detailed photos on request.

Looking for the front cover to a Jennings 4 Star Chief mint vendor.

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I get asked all the time if I watch American Pickers, Pawn Stars, American Restorations and the rest of the "reality show" and of coarse I do, I actually participated in a local show Hardcore Pawn and when doing so I really found out how these shows are "made for TV" and they do make great television and these guys are all now super stars but honestly what I do here at my little shop out in the country is the real deal. I don't have a whole crew of people working here, I am just a hard working guy who loves what I do.

Along with buying and selling machines I offer restoration and repair.
If you have a vintage mechanical machine that is not working I can repair it for you.
If you have a vintage machine that is tired but looks good I can restore it mechanically.
If you have a machine that works good but is simply faded and ugly I can do a cosmetic restoration including wood, polish and paint.
If you have a basket case I can take care of that as well.
Below are a few examples of my work.

This nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar set of Black Cherry machines I restored for one of my clients.

This 1939 Mills Diamond Front was the only thing salvaged from a whole house fire.

This is the before and after of a 1932 Roman Head.

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I am in search of and want to buy any of these machines
in any denomination and in any condition, working or not:
  • Bally Reliance Dice machine
  • Buckley Bones Dice machine
  • Burnham Novelty Gum Works
  • Caille Liberty Bell
  • Caille Operators Bell
  • Cast Iron Slot Machine
  • Fey Silver Dollar Slot machine
  • Jennings Chief slot machine
  • Jennings Sun Chief slot machine
  • Mills HiTop BONUS slot machine
  • Mills Horsehead BONUS slot machine
  • Mills Operators Bell slot machine
  • Mills Liberty Bell slot machine
  • Mills Melon Bell slot machine
  • Mills Watermelon HiTop slot machine
  • Mills Roman Head slot machine
  • Watling Bird of Paradise slot machine
  • Watling Cherry Front Rol-A-Top slot machine
  • Watling Rol-A-Top slot machine
  • Watling Treasury slot machine

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Coin-operated machines are a part of American history, beginning in the late 19th century, and flourishing in the early part of the 20th, until they became illegal in the 1950's. We find many of our machines in places where they have been locked up since then. Some of them were kept in operation by attached "vendors" that rewarded customers with mints, candy, or cigarettes in return for their coins, thus skirting the law. Today, it varies from state to state as to whether or not they are legal. Check your laws here. Here in Michigan, you may possess any machine that is at least 25 years old, strictly for your own use.

I began collecting and refurbishing the old machines in the mid-1990's, and have become an expert in both their lore and the mechanical aspects since then. Darwin's is the largest vintage slot machine dealer in the state of Michigan. You can trust our work as well as our word.

Original and authentically restored machines are difficult to find, and the buyer should beware of "remanufactured" machines and reproductions. Darwin's has close to 50 machines in stock at any given time, some completely original, some restored, some partially restored.

Each customer has his or her own preference, and we try to cater to every one. We are now shipping all over the country, and occasionally outside the country, specializing in Mills and Jennings machines. They were the workhorse of their day, and are the most reliable, in my opinion. We also handle Watling, Pace, and Caille machines.

Another interesting facet of our business is collecting and selling antique floor safes. Besides meeting a demand for them, they make great stands for the slots!

I inherited a fascination with mechanical things from my grandfather, the late Roy Darwin, who was involved in player pianos, model airplanes, and antique restoration, as well as stained glass. After twenty-five years as owner of Darwin's Stained Glass, I began tinkering with old slot machines in my spare time, and another business was born. Every day is a challenge and a pleasure meeting new clients from all walks of life.

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