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Bead Here Now
Our friend Gail Ristow makes the most gorgeous meditation beads on the planet. She's also into labyrinths! Her site is worth checking into at
Chelsea Village Flowers
Jennifer Ellison is an amazing young woman who started her own floral business in 2008 in downtown Chelsea, when she was in her early twenties. Take a look at her designs and you'll see part of the reason for her success. Have a conversation with her and you'll see the rest of the reason.
Darwin's Stained Glass
Bill learned the art of stained glass from his grandfather when he was a teenager. Almost 40 years later he is one of the premier artisans in the country. Custom work is his specialty, whether for home, church, or business. He taught his future wife Marsi the rudiments of the art beginning in 1988, and she creates her own line of etched and stained glass, which she shows regularly. Bill's mother got in on the act about then years ago, and a couple of cousins also practice the art. It's truly an old-fashioned family affair.
Hazel Ridge Workshop and Gallery
Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen, artist, naturalist, teacher. View his art, meet the family and visit the farm. Marsi worked with Robbyn Smith, Gijsbert's wife, to create the website for this unique family.
Irish Perennial Rescue Society
The Irish Perennial Rescue Society is a mysterious organization with ancient roots. We are proud to be the Jackson County chairs.
Jack Spack
Jack Spack is a poet, a musician, and an artist. He's also a really good friend. His sometimes dark, quirky art may be found at - definitely worth a look!
Michelle Massey Barnes
Michelle Massey Barnes is one talented young woman. In addition to being like a daughter to Marsi, she's her yoga instructor. She's also a doula and a photographer. Her photographs of wildlife are incredible, and she has now branched out to make portraits of your own little wild ones - take a look at her site and gaze in awe.
Morel Madness
One of our passionate pastimes is morel mushroom hunting in the spring.Some say we go a little overboard.This page describes the
One World One Family
A great group of people, One World One Family strives to bring diversity and inclusivity to Chelsea. They brought Martin Luther King's legacy to town!
Old Time Slots
Bill's passions in life are many - Marsi, glass, croquet, morels, to name a few - but when he found an old slot machine in need of repair,he hit the jackpot. He not only loves fixing, collecting, and talking about them, he's now the biggest dealer in Michigan.
Check it out at
The Painted Trout
The Painted Trout is our friend Lauren's brainchild. She shares a passion for fly-fishing and beautiful things. She's also Jack Spack's spouse. Marsi got to visit her home state, Colorado, with Lauren in 2007. Artisan Goods for Anglers includes t-shirts, scarves, aprons, bandanas...and more!
Timothy Moore Tools
A master craftsman, and an old family friend, Timothy Moore creates tools for the serious bookbinder at his shop in rural Concord, Michigan.
Tracy Gallup
Tracy Gallup's Fine Art Dolls are sought by collectors all over the world. She also illustrated Peggy Munsterberg's children's book, The Beastly Banquet, wrote and illustrated King Cat, and is now publishing more books! Look for her "Crazy Little Series" in bookstores, as well as A Book of Questions.
Trout Madness Too
Marsi was born in Durango, Colorado, and learned to fly-fish at a very young age with her late, beloved father, Jack Parker, who also taught her to tie flies. This page describes the sport's influence on Marsi's work.
Waterloo Croquet
At Darwin's we work hard, but we play hard, too. We're home to a croquet league, the Waterloo Croquet Club. Friends and family also gather often to enjoy the game.


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